Peter Mead


Our Dadís name is Peter and he was born in 1960. His favourite group is Status Quo, and his favourite song is Caroline, which is why Iím called Caroline. He hopes that you like the music thatís playing, if so, click on the guitars, and this will take you to the Status Quo web site. Donít forget to pop back to see us though.

Curriculum Vitae

I was born at 1.45 am on 3rd September 1960 in St Martins Hospital, Bath in Somerset. I weighed 8 lbs. 7 ozs and I was bald when I was born.

I have a sister called Pam, who is three years older than me. I lived in Doveys Terrace, Kington Langley, Wiltshire until 1965, when we moved to Cranley Gardens, Wallington. My father, Henry Mead, was a college lecturer, and he was posted to Carshalton College, hence the reason for our move.

I went to Bandon Hill School in Sandy Lane South, Wallington, where my favourite teacher was Mr Doyle. I then went to Wallington High School for Boys, now Wallington County Grammar, on Croydon Road, where I stayed until the sixth form.

When I left school I went to work for Norwich Union in Croydon, where I still remain. I spent 3 and a half years working in the West End, before returning to Croydon. I relocated to Reigate in June 1999, and returned to Croydon in January 2001.